Shop the world - in Moabit

Berlin's best international food stores and supermarkets

Wonderful, welcoming Berlin is increasingly cosmopolitan, a fact that's reflected in the capital's growing number of international supermarkets.

And TS Foods is a particular gem: a huge retail space offering goodies from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Africa.

Berlin's best international food supermarket
Banku mix and African foods, Moabit Berlin
Indian food and products, International supermarket Berlin

Whether you're on the hunt for hard-to-find ingredients, or simply feel like ogling aisles packed with exotic produce, a visit to this supermarket in the heart of Moabit will have foodies swooning - and just about everyone else, besides.

Arabic food store, Moabit, Berlin, Berlin
African foods from an international supermarket,Moabit, Berlin

Packs of dried rose petals mingle with boxes of fufu mix, there's Indian kulfi, chikwangue cassava dumplings, and even tubs of Ayurvedic fruit mousse. And if you happen to think that rice is just rice, TS foods stocks more than 70 different varieties imported from all over the world. Amazing.

We love the Hauptstadt's multicultural character, and this is a great place to explore a lip-smacking part of it. Shop your way around the world, right here in Berlin.

TS Food International supermarket, Alt-Moabit 74, 10555 Berlin

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