A hundred years of hand-made slippers

Berlin's sweetest door handle? Entrance to Jünemann's Pantoffel-Eck, a hand-made slipper store

Slippers tend to evoke a homely, cosy kind of feeling, and this tiny manufacturer of hand-made house-shoes fits that image perfectly (quite apart from boasting the cutest door handle you're ever likely to see - above).

Alternative shopping Berlin: this tiny store has been producing hand-crafted slippers for over a century
Hand-made felt slippers from Berlin's Jünemann's Pantoffel-Eck

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For over a century, Jünemann's Pantoffel-Eck has been producing traditional felt footwear, lovingly created in a back-room workshop. It's the last store of its type in Berlin, but business is booming, with the reasonably priced, beautifully crafted slippers garnering fans both locally and abroad.

This tiny basement store and workshop has been producing felt slipper for over a century

Keeping things simple, the store offers just two styles: the classic flat slipper, or a 'house-shoe' with a low heel. That said, there's no need to worry about lack of choice as the shelves are piled with colourful variations. Hot-foot it to Pantoffel-Eck to find yourself the perfect pair.

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Jünemann's Pantoffel-Eck: Torstraße 39, 10119 Berlin
Opening times: Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm

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