Feeling Berlin - an alternative guide

Bronze tactile model of Berlin, Lustgarten

This tiny bronze model of Berlin's famed Museum Island is located in the Lustgarten beside the Spree.

It's designed to help everyone, including those with visual and physical impairments, understand the layout of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Model of Berlin's Museum Island including landmarks in Braille
A tactile model of Berlin, labelled in Braille

Set at waist height, information about the area's landmarks is provided both in Braille and standard script, and judging by the fact that its surfaces have been polished by countless inquisitive fingers, this alternative city map has proved both useful and intriguing to many Berlin visitors.

Remember that saying about small things counting the most? Sometimes, of course, it's absolutely true.


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Tactile model of Berlin: Am Lustgarten 10178 Berlin

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