Pornceptual: Berlin's sexiest party

Image credits: Mário Macedo/Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

'Porn'. It's a word that conjures up various, obvious associations. But they probably don't include notions like artistic, accessible, extravagant or just plain fun.

The Berlin-based collective 'Pornceptual' was founded in 2012 with the intention of exploring pornography from unconventional, conceptual angles. Originally an online platform, it expanded rapidly with a fashion-plate take on steamy photos, a singular print magazine, fetish store and (in)famously naughty parties. Oh yes: the parties. Themed events - Forest Porn, Futuristic Porn - scandalously replete with bacchanalian excess.

Of course, open-minded, sexy Berlin loved them, and these joyously orgasmic gatherings quickly became a clubbing highlight for the city's more liberal crowd.

So what to expect at a Pornceptual party? There's nudity of course, and plenty of it, especially given the reduced entry prices for those ready to show some flesh. Yet sartorial creativity also abounds (difficult when you're hardly wearing anything, although reductions are also awarded for imaginative outfits) making this one of Berlin's more creative, fashion-forward events.

And naturally, no Pornceptual party would be complete without art-house skin-flicks, kinky performances and a well-attended backroom or two.

Image credits: Facebook / Egg

What you shouldn't expect, however, is a free-for-all grope-fest - the club aims to provide a safe, inclusive space for all attendees, and has well-defined rules regarding off-limits behaviour.

Another thing not to take for granted is the assumption you'll actually get in. While an average 2500 guests attend each event, it's not unknown for up to 800 to get turned away. So... get jiggy with your imagination, come up with some killer pornceptual party gear, and see if you can - ahem - slip your way inside.

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Pornceptual: check website / Facebook for event details

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