Berlin's cuddliest live show

Offbeat Berlin entertainment - a puppet show soap opera performed with cuddly stuffed toys

In a city where quirkiness abounds, we'll happily admit that we've yet to encounter anything quite as curious as a soap opera starring cuddly toys.

Part puppet show, part Woody Allen-esque musing over the trials and tribulations of everyday life, Humana - Leben in Berlin (those familiar with the chain of second-hand stores will understand the reference to much of the cast's origin) has been running for over a decade. A pretty good innings, we think, for a drama performed live in a large cardboard box.

Berlin's alternative sights - a soap opera performed with cuddly toys in a cardboard box!

The offbeat soap is the brainchild of Andreas Walter und Ulrike Dittrich, and 30-minute episodes take place weekly in some of Berlin's artiest bars and galleries. (Performers do, however, enjoy a well-earned summer break, so check the website below for details).

A quirky Berlin 'happening' - Humana, Leben in Berlin

Admittedly, you'll need a pretty good understanding of German to follow the musings of Berlin's unlikeliest superstars, although the pure kookiness of the set-up certainly supercedes language barriers.

And the 'casting sessions' after each performance, in which audience members audition their stuffed toys in a quest for fame and fortune, are a pure delight. Remember to take along your favourite Teddy.

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Humana - Leben in Berlin: check website for dates and venues

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