Lenin's last stand

Secret Berlin highlights: a statue of Lenin in Kreuzberg

Lenin puts in an improbable appearance in the forecourt of this Kreuzberg removals firm.

Yes, a removals company. Which definitely makes for one of Berlin's oddest hidden highlights, but it's not just the setting that's unusual.

Whereas once, of course, the Soviet leader's iconic effigy was a common enough sight in East Berlin, almost all the city's socialist monuments were dismantled following the fall of the Wall.

Lenin's last stand in Berlin - an unlikely setting for the iconic Communist

Such systematic erasure of the past was exactly what prompted the transport company's boss to acquire and safeguard the figure, which formerly stood in a far more prominent location on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße near Alexanderplatz.

Now preserved for posterity in one of the last places you'd expect to find such a significant relic of the ex-GDR, the figure watches as trucks trundle endlessly in and out of the busy depot. Everyone, it seems, needs something moved in Berlin, but Lenin, at least, is hopefully here to stay.

Satue of Lenin in the forecourt of a Berlin transport and removals firm
The last staue of Lenin on public display in Berlin is suitably protected

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Lenin statue in the forecourt of Zapf Umzüge Removals: Brommystraße, 10997 Berlin

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