Contemporary ceramics in an ancient pharmacy

Ceramic playing cards on sale in this quirky and beautiful Berlin store

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A double dose of lesser-known Berlin for you - not only is Kühn Keramik a treasure trove of quirkily gorgeous hand-crafted ceramics, it's housed in a resplendent 19th century pharmacy that's (almost) as enchanting as the goods on show.

A 19th century pharmacy makes an apt showcase for Kühn Keramik's unique ceramic designs
One of Berlin's most beautiful stores is still an in the know secret

Featuring work by ceramics maestro Bernhard Kühn (who, in case you hadn't guessed, also happens to be the store's owner) the baroque-and-roll themed goodies - from mugs, teapots and vases to whimsical objets d'art - are all produced in a downstairs studio.

Exquisite ceramic pieces available from one of Berlin's most beautiful stores
Fabulous ceramics from thismagical Berlin store

Resident pug Karlos (above left) is usually on hand to welcome guests to the unique emporium which - considering Kühn's international reputation among connoisseurs of contemporary ceramics - remains a surprisingly under-the-radar Berlin gem.

Prices, of course, aren't exactly budget, but be warned: once you've entered this magical Berlin store you'll be hard pushed not to succumb to a purchase or two.

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Kühn Keramik: Yorckstraße 18, 10965 Berlin
Opening hours can vary - check website for details

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