A history in writing

This residence in Prenzlauer Berg was once a 'Molkerei', or Dairy

Now barely legible, hand-painted lettering can still be seen on a handful of Berlin's old facades.

Providing clues as to the small businesses that once operated in what, today, constitute some the city's most desirable residences, these old advertisements are a poignant insight into the past.

Hand painted signs, Berlin: once an old sweets and candy shop

Most examples are located in the former East, particularly in Prenzlauer Berg, where they remained undisturbed until the fall of the Wall.

Now, however, these fragments of written history are fast disappearing as once-crumbling buildings are renovated and repainted.

Look out for them while you still can.

A wide range of alcoholic drinks were once on sale in this Prenzlauer Berg building
Old hand painted advertisement , Berlin
The remnants of an old bar, Berlin

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