Berlin's high life

Panoramic views of Berlin from the Neukoelln Arkaden car park

There's always something magical about sweeping city vistas, and one of the best places in Berlin to savour them (apart from obvious candidates such as the TV tower; and if you're in the TV tower you don't get to see it as part of the panorama) is a car park in Berlin's Neukölln district.

That's right: a car park.

Klunkergarten - part of the Klunkerkranich bar, restaurant and chillout space, berlin

Until fairly recently this look-out above the otherwise unremarkable Arkaden shopping mall was something of a well-kept secret, but all that changed with the opening of Klunkerkranich, a self-styled 'bar, restaurant and playground'.

The artfully hip eyrie offers far-reaching views with attached food, drink and DJs, and although there's a cover charge to access the main space, it's free to visit the adjoining Klunker Garden where you can still, of course, soak up those vistas.

Klunkerkranich, Berlin
The Fernsehturm viewed from Neukoelln Arkaden car park rooftop terrace

Opening hours are seasonal, so check the website for details, but the car park's fifth floor offers round-the-clock access - albeit with protective grilles between you and the view.

So whether you're up for discovering one of Berlin's quirkier hipster playgrounds, or simply want to gaze at the capital from high above, a shopping centre is the place to head.

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Neukölln Arkaden: Karl-Marx-Straße 66, 12043 Berlin
Take lift from the Arkaden shopping centre to 5th floor of car park. Klunkerkranich bar and garden accessible via ramp to the roof located in the centre of the parking space.
Klunkerkranich, Berlin

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