A ground-breaking industrial classic

The AEG Turbine Factory by Peter Behrens, Moabit, Berlin

Dominating an entire block of an otherwise unremarkable neighbourhood in Berlin's Moabit district, the impressive AEG Turbine Factory has to count as one of the city's most important architectural highlights.

Designed by Peter Behrens (who also later masterminded two iconic Alexanderplatz buildings), the 1909 development was intended to provide a functional, light-filled space that rejected a prevailing trend for 'historicised', decorative industrial architecture.

An industrial design classic: the AEG Turbine Factory, Moabit

The streamlined yet monumental structure of steel, glass and concrete quickly set the agenda for an entirely new era of industrial design, making it one of the world's most influential buildings.

Worth seeing, if only to marvel at the mother of all subsequent factories.


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The AEG Turbine Factory: Huttenstra├če 12-19, 10553 Berlin

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