A house for artists

Imposing carved stone entrance to the Künstlerhaus St. Lukas, Berlin

You may well catch sight of it from the train - a tall, angular edifice wedged beside the railway track that slices across Fasanenstrasse.

The brick and carved stone give it an oddly gothic air, and if you think it's a building that begs further investigation - you'd be right.

The St Lukas Artists' residence (Künstlerhaus St. Lukas) was built between 1889-90 in order to house, exactly as its name suggests, a small community of Berlin's artists.

Constructed in an appropriately eclectic style, the exterior abounds in quirky detail: stone animal skulls protrude from carved garlands; a bust of Titian overlooks the imposing entranceway; a balcony sports mock-mediaeval escutcheons.

Detail of the facade, Künstlerhaus St. Lukas, Berlin
Bust of Titian beside the main entrance to the Künstlerhaus St. Lukas, Berlin
Stone sculpture outside the Künstlerhaus St. Lukas, Fasanenstrasse, Berlin

The real jewel, however, is the inner courtyard, an elaborately conceived interior space complete with a fountain and lush foliage.

Although this private garden sanctum is sadly out of bounds to curious visitors, it's possible to get a good view of it by peering through the gates.

Inner courtyard seen through the gates of the Künstlerhaus St. Lukas

Tantalising, certainly - and of course a little frustrating.

But if you happen to be in the area (which is likely, given its proximity to many of Berlin's most popular attractions) it's definitely worth taking a peek at an enchanting example of hidden, historic Berlin.

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Künstlerhaus St. Lukas: Fasanenstraße 13 10623 Berlin

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