A Metro station in a lake

Rathaus Schöneberg U-Bahn - one of Berlin's loveliest - and quirkiest - Metro stations is located in a park

It's in a park, and bordered by a small lake. And just so happens to be a bridge, too.

Berlin's Metro network boasts dozens of unusual stations, but few tick quite as many 'quirky' boxes as Rathaus Schöneberg on the U4 line.

A striking (and, in fact, extremely rare) structural hybrid of underground and open stations, it's also one of the city's most delightful. With large glass windows offering beautiful views of the park, this early 20th century gem never ceases to charm.

View of Rathaus Schöneberg Metro station in its lush parkland setting

Of course, unless you're a particular kind of railway enthusiast we don't imagine you'll be making a special journey just to see it, but Rathaus Schöneberg also provides a handy stopping-off point for several nearby attractions.

Most obviously, there's the famous town hall after which it's named, as well as a trio of striking churches that we personally rate as one of Berlin's most extraordinary sights.

And then, of course, there's the park itself, a green oasis that stretches all the way to the district of Wilmersdorf.

Failing that, the bridge/station makes for a great place to catch up on some reading in the sun.

Time to relax on the bridge / metro station in a park - Berlin's Rathaus Schöneberg U-Bahn

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Rathaus Schöneberg U-Bahn station (U4 Line): Rudolph-Wilde Park 10825 Berlin

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