Food, glorious food: Berlin's most glamorous delikatessen

A fine selection of wurst sausage at Berlin's KaDeWe

Berlin's KaDeWe may be Europe's second largest department store, but generally lacks the pizazz of, say, a Harrods or Bloomingdale's.

Except, that is, for its amazing food hall, which occupies an entire floor and is packed with mouth-watering (and expensive) goodies.

Admittedly, this gourmet paradise is hardly a secret, but still constitutes one of the city's more memorable experiences.

Feel the need to peruse 1300 varieties of cheese? Or splurge thousands of Euros on a bottle of vintage champagne?

Whether you go to simply ogle, or sit down and eat at one of the many in-house food stands, a visit to this 6th floor culinary emporium won't fail to amaze and delight.

Berlin Kaufhaus des Westens food hall - lobster and seafood
Patisserie to die for at Berlin's KaDeWe food hall
Brimming shelves at one of Europe's best Delicatessen food halls
A fine selection of open sandwiches at KaDeWe Food delicatessen, Berlin
Different types of mushrooms on sale in the 6th floor KaDeWe food emporium

Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe) Department Store: Tauentzienstra├če 21-24, 10789 Berlin

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