Beloved by bikers: meals with wheels at Spinner-Brücke

Spinner-Brücke restaurant in Grunewald, Berlin - a meeting place for bikers since 1956

Despite the Spinner-Brücke's location on the edge of peaceful Grunewald forest, turn up on a warm summer day and you're more likely to hear revving engines than birdsong.

Which, if you're a diehard biker - or simply a fan of the Easy Rider lifestyle - is exactly the way you'd want it.

A meeting point for Berlin's motorcycling community since 1956, this 'Alpine hut-style' eatery is appropriately situated at the southern end of the former AVUS racetrack.

Spinner-Brücke restaurant, Berlin
A tempting variety of food and snacks on offer at the Spinner-Brücke restaurant in Berlin's Grunewald

Open daily from the wee small hours, Spinner-Brücke isn't just a convenient pitstop for leather-clad bikers. Others drop by for the hearty Austrian/German fare, or simply to gawp at a forecourt packed with glistening chrome.

Feel like coming along for the ride? Reaching this roadside eatery is simpler if you possess a set of wheels, but the vehicle-less can pick a path across motorways from nearby Nikolassee station.

May Day celebrations at the Spinner-Brücke restaurant, Berlin - a must-see for biking fans

All image credits: Spinner-Brücke

Further facts

Highlight of the Spinner-Brücke season is May 1st, when approximately 30,000 motorcycling fans gather to view the latest two-wheeled offerings from manufacturers such as Honda, Suzuki and Harley Davidson. Probably Berlin's most high octane party.

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Spinner-Brücke self-service restaurant and 'Biker-Treff'
: Spanische Allee 180, 14129 Berlin. 

Opening times: Nov-Feb: 6am-8pm; March: 6am-9pm; April-Sept: 6am-10pm; Oct: 6am-9pm

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