Mosaic flowers on the Karl-Marx-Allee

A beautiful socialist-era mosaic mural on Berlin's Karl-Marx-Allee

Berlin's GDR-era Karl-Marx-Allee isn't just one of the city's greatest examples of Soviet-style architecture; the monumental boulevard is brimming with decorative details, from retro signage and elegant street lamps to splendid sculptures and murals.

And this, for us, is one of the loveliest: a vibrantly coloured pastoral fantasy, tucked away where few seem to even notice it.

GDR mosaic mural that once decorated a beer garden in Berlin's Karl-Marx-Allee

Admittedly, it faces strong competition from some of the avenue's far better-known socialist artworks, such as the painterly-seeming ceramic facade of the Cafe Moskau (below left), or magnificent mural by Walter Womacka wrapped around the so-called Haus des Lehrers (Teachers' House; below right).

Detail of the mosaic on Cafe Moskau, Berlin, Karl-Marx-Allee
Detail of mosaic on the Haus des Lehrers, Karl-Marx-Alle, Berlin

But one of the most striking features of this simpler mosaic is its complete lack of political agenda. No doves of peace or cosmonauts or jubilant workers - just a folksy, feel-good (and captivatingly beautiful) design that could have been lifted straight from a child's picture book.

Berlin's Karl-Marx-Allee and its hidden gems: detail of GDR mural
A mosaic that once adorned a cafe terrace in the Karl-Marx-Allee, Berlin

It was created to adorn the terrace of the Cafe Warschau, a former East Berlin restaurant that's now home to the Computerspielemuseum. Once one of the Karl-Marx-Allee's most popular open spaces, its location is marked by this often unnoticed historical gem; a garden of ever-lasting flowers with a message that simply reads: enjoy.

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Mosaic from the former Cafe Warschau beer garden: courtyard beside the Computerspielemuseum, Karl-Marx-Allee 93a, 10243 Berlin

Haus des Lehrers: Alexanderplatz 9, 10178 Berlin
Cafe Moskau: Karl-Marx-Allee 34, 10178 Berlin


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