It's a jungle in there: Neukölln's quirkiest bar

Dschungel bar, Berlin

It's the Neukölln watering hole that dares to be different: a kitsch, quirky Dschungel (Jungle) at the heart of Berlin's hippest 'hood.

Whereas most neighbouring bars opt for flea-market chic, Dschungel rocks a rainforest vibe with leafy boughs, tangled vines and verdant photo-murals.

Dschungel: one of Berlin's coolest - and most unique - bars
Dschungel bar in Berlin's Neukölln district

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Not that there's anything too slick about this tongue-in-cheek decor, which (intentionally) owes its existence to discount stores, Asian wholesalers and clandestine forest raids.

Long-time Berliners will recognise a sly reference to '80s nightclub Dschungel, a favourite hangout for Bowie and Iggy Pop during their Berlin years.

Neukölln's own take on this legendary venue hasn't, as yet, attracted rampaging A-listers, but does promise screenings, concerts and other events.

And even without the scheduled entertainment, there's always a tankful of Axolotl salamanders to gaze at beside the bar.

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Dschungel: Friedelstraße 12, 12047 Berlin


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