Precious remnants of Berlin's past

Architectural remnants of old Berlin - from humble tiles to magnificent wrought iron gates

You'll find it in an overgrown yard at the edge of an abandoned wasteland - 'Antike Bauelemente', a ramshackle treasure trove of architectural fittings rescued from old Berlin homes.

Wrought iron gates and stained glass windows jostle for space alongside hand-painted tiles and fragments of stucco. Dusty wooden doors are stacked together like playing cards; a family of cats roams through the undergrowth.

Antike Bauelemente Berlin - a source of antique fixtures and fittings from the city's old homes

Antike Bauelemente has occupied this hidden corner of Berlin for over thirty years, as seemingly lost in time as the sprawling collection of relics itself. Now, however, its days are numbered, the surrounding swathe of land earmarked for new housing.

From carved stone to stucco - remnants of Berlin's past in the atmospheric Antike Bauelemente antique salvage company
Overgrown and atmospheric - a resting place for fixtures and fittings from Berlin's old homes

When, exactly, the business will be forced to close - and whether or not it can find alternative premises - remains to be seen. But now, more than ever, the antique artefacts require new homes to adorn. Visit while you can, and pick up a beautiful piece of Berlin's history.

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Antike Bauelemente: Lehrter Stra├če 25, 10557 Berlin
Opening times: Wednesday and Sunday 10am-2pm and by appointment


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