A church with a secret

This Berlin church has a rather unusual feature

Berlin's Church of the Twelve Apostles (Zwölf-Apostel-Kirche) harbours an unexpected secret.

While the 19th-century red brick building is certainly rather splendid, its curious windows appear to consist of basic glass blocks set into concrete.

Many Berlin churches lost their original stained glass during WWII bombing, and replacements, of necessity, generally tended towards the utilitarian.

Nevertheless, there's something more than usually rudimentary about the Twelve Apostles' plain glass panels. As well as something faintly familiar about their size and shape.

Berlin's Church of the 12 Apostles is rather unusual
Church windows made out of liquor bottles, Berlin

Look closely, and you'll realise that in fact they're liquor bottles, a quick and easy substitute for conventional panes.

Would a quip about holy spirits be slightly inappropriate? Probably.

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