Shopping the ex-GDR

A hidden Berlin gem: East German GDR goods on display in this Berlin museum and shop

Revel in the retro packaging. Ogle the old-school designs. Reflect, perhaps, on the irony that while there's something indisputably charming about these remnants of a bygone era, most East Germans would have gladly exchanged them for glitzier western goods.

At Friedrichshain's Intershop2000, you'll find a world of Ostalgic shopping that disappeared with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Both a store and a museum, all the products on show are everyday items from the ex-GDR.

Berlin's Intershop2000 - the place to purchase, as well as peruse, everyday goods from the former GDR

Taking its name from a chain of East German stores founded in the early '60s, the Intershops were principally aimed at tourists, although in later years East German citizens were also allowed to purchase - providing, of course, they had the hard cash to do so.

Most visitors to Intershop2000 are also tempted by a reasonably priced memento or two. Drop by, as they say, while stocks last.

A GDR museum and store in Berlin
'That's what it was like back then in the GDR' - Berlin's 'secret' GDR store and museum

Intershop2000: Danneckerstra├če 8, 10245, Berlin
Opening times: Wed-Fri, 2pm - 6pm; Sat-Sun, 12pm - 6pm

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