Lietzensee lake views

Hidden Berlin square: the historic Lietzensee waterfall in this secret Berlin garden

A hidden gem if ever there was one: turn into an upmarket Charlottenburg street and you'll discover a beautiful little square with sweeping lakeside views.

The tiny open space adjoining Dernburgplatz is dominated by a grand, flower-bedecked waterfall that cascades directly into the Lietzensee lake. Wooden terraces at the water's edge provide the perfect place to sit and contemplate the gorgeous vistas.

Lovely views of the Lietzensee from a secluded Berlin square

The surprisingly large Lietzensee lake stretches right across Charlottenburg, and its other, northern end is well known (partly, no doubt, because of its proximity to the busy thoroughfare of Kaiserdamm). Boasting a boathouse and café, it's undeniably picturesque and certainly worth a visit, but can also get crowded.

By contrast, Dernburgstrasse's tucked away oasis offers a far more exclusive setting; a peaceful and charming lakeside garden that's beloved by in-the-know locals.

View of Dernburgplatz, Berlin
large Leitzensee waterfall, or Große Lietzensee-Kaskade

Further facts

The so-called large Leitzensee waterfall (Große Lietzensee-Kaskade) wasn't just conceived as an ornamental feature. Constructed in 1913, its principal purpose was to provide the Lietzensee lake with oxygen-rich water in order to help clear it of algae. So as well as being pretty as a picture, it's also one of the world's first aquatic restoration projects.

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Dernburgplatz and large Leitzensee waterfall in Dernburgstraße, 14057 Berlin

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