Aisles of smiles at Europe's best party store

An unbelievable range of party and carnival supplies at Berlin's Deko Behrendt

Even if you're not actively planning the greatest party ever, a visit to Schöneberg's 'Deko Behrendt' will provide irresistible fodder for future fiestas, or at the very least leave you with a big, clownish grin on your face.

Aisles of glitter, costumes, masks and festive supplies at one of Europe's best carnival stores - Berlin
Costumes for every ocassion at Berlin's Deko Behrendt party supplies store

Don't be deceived by the unassuming exterior: this meandering, Aladdin's Cave of a party supplies store is far larger than it looks, and stuffed to the brim with balloons, garlands, costumes, wigs ... you name it, and you'll definitely find it, from hula-hula skirts with matching seashell bras to life-size plastic vultures for a Halloween spectacular.

One of Berlin's most amazing stores - party supplies galore at Deko Behrendt

Perfect for a pick-me-up browse among the tinsel-bedecked aisles, Deko Behrendt is a Berlin institution that definitely puts the fun back into shopping - marvel at the sheer volume of festive kitsch in this sprawling indoor carnival.

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Deko Behrendt party and carnival supplies: Hauptstraße 18, 10827  Berlin
Opening times: Mon-Fri, 10am-7pm

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