White cubes: a Berlin church

Contemporary classic: a stunning Berlin church

We're serious fans of Berlin's post-war and contemporary churches, many of which represent some of the city's most interesting recent architecture, but rarely receive the kind of coverage they really deserve.

A case in point is Charlottenburg's sleekly sculptural St Canisius Catholic church, which was inaugurated in 2002 to replace a former, late '50s building destroyed by fire in 1995.

St Canisius Catholic church, Berlin, detail of exterior
St Canisius Catholic church, detail

Consisting, essentially, of two intersecting open and closed concrete cubes, the structure's apparent simplicity is offset by carefully considered details such as a curved incision to the roof that follows the protruding form of a wood-clad chapel below.

A powerful essay in 'less is more' drama, it's unsurprising that the development gained a top design award in 2003.

For architecture enthusiasts it's also a winner, one of those lesser-known Berlin highlights that's absolutely worth checking out.

View of St Canisius Catholic church, Berlin - a contemporary architectural classic

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St Canisius church: Witzlebenstra├če 30, 14057 Berlin

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