Parisian views from a Berlin bar

Miniature Eiffel Tower outside the Centre Français in Berlin's Wedding district

Even if the painted backdrops seem rather non-specific, there's no mistaking the miniature Eiffel Tower. C'est vrai - it's a slightly surreal petite tranche of France in the Berlin district of Wedding, all provided courtesy of the historic Centre Français.

The Brasserie in Berlin's Centre Français - a miniature slice of painted panorama France

A legacy of the days when West Berlin was parcelled up amongst the Allies (Wedding and Reinickendorf became the city's French sector), 'Le Centre Culturel de Wedding' was inaugurated in 1961 as a glittering, modernist showcase of everything Gallic.

And even if it no longer hosts quite the range of activities it once offered, the original cinema, complete with stylish, 60s-chic foyer, (below) is a definite tip for architecture buffs and movie lovers alike.

The 1960s cinema foyer in Berlin's Centre Français - a tip for architecture and movie lovers alike

If, however, you'd rather ogle the faux French landmarks, the centre's Brasserie provides the perfect place to experience their endearingly cheesy charms. After a glass or three of vin rouge, those painted panoramas may even start to seem like the real deal, and let's face it, no other bar in Berlin boasts a view of the Eiffel Tower.

The French Centre, Berlin
Faux France at the Centre Français, Berlin

Further facts

Strangely enough, Berlin's Eiffel Tower-spotting opportunities aren't just restricted to the Centre Français. The 'Galeries Lafayette' department store in Mitte's Friedrichstrasse boasts a larger version of the iconic structure suspended in its glass atrium, and the Funkturm (radio tower) in the west of the city also bears a striking resemblance to La Tour Eiffel.

Seems as if Berlin's crush on the City of Lights is far more intense than anyone realised.

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Centre Français de Berlin: Müllerstraße 74, 13349 Berlin
Brasserie de France: address as above
Historic cinema in the Centre Français: Facebook citykinowedding

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