Rub a rat - a magical bridge

View of Gertraudenbrücke, with Friedrichsgracht in background

A 3-metre-tall bronze sculpture of St. Getrude graces the Berlin bridge that bears her name - the Gertraudenbrücke.

At her feet, fleeing rats and mice allude to her special powers as protectress against plagues of vermin.

Gertraudenbrücke, Berlin

Several of the little critters have been rubbed to a gleaming golden sheen - it's said that by giving them a quick tickle, any wish you make comes true. (Another variant claims that you'll find your purse constantly filled with cash).

Whichever version you prefer, Berliners seem to take Gertrude's supposed super-powers seriously: wait long enough, and you'll certainly see someone rub a rat as they pass.

Gertraudenbrücke, Berlin. Rubbing the rats brings good luck!

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Gertraudenbrücke / Friedrichsgracht, 10178 Berlin

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