Urban safari - zoo views for free

Animal spotting: free views of Berlin's famous zoo

Berlin's centrally located zoo is often said to be one of the world's best, But if you'd like a free peek at what's on offer, head to Tiergarten's Gartenufer promenade.

Here, nothing more than easy-to-peer-through railings separates you from the likes of llamas, emus, zebras and other exotic beasts. (It's a route that does, however, get closed after sundown to allow the animals to get a good night's sleep).

The pathway isn't officially named on many maps, but runs alongside the southern edge of the Landwehrkanal between the Lichtensteinbr├╝cke bridge and Unterschleuse canal lock.

Animal petting area, Berlin zoo. See it for free!
Spot the zebra - Berlin zoo

At Gartenufer's eastern end, cross the bridge (which is bizarrely divided into segregated halves for official zoo-goers and mere pedestrians) and turn into Lichtensteinallee for even more urban safari sight-seeing.

At the western extremity, follow the railings round the corner for further great views of the animal-petting area.

Then, if your appetite has been sufficiently whetted, continue down to Hardenbergplatz. Here, you'll find one of the zoo's (gorgeous) main entrances and can actually pay to go and see more.


Further facts

The terrace of the recently opened Bikini Berlin shopping mall offers further animal-spotting opportunities, with views over the monkey enclosure and more. Unsurprisingly, the spacious rooftop walkway seems as much a hit with Berliners as the shopping opportunities themselves.

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Zoo views along the Gartenufer: cycling / walking path between Lichtensteinbr├╝cke and Unterschleuse, 10787 Berlin

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