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F10 ferry from Wannsee to Kladow - one of Berlin's best lake excursion bargains

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Every day, the F10 ferry crosses Wannsee lake to Kladow, a 20-minute trip that costs nothing more than a standard A-B ticket (it's part of Berlin's official transport network).

En route, you'll pass the islands of Schwanenwerder and Pfaueninsel, cruise past sandy Wannsee beach (below left), and enjoy far-reaching views of the Havel River.

Wannsee beach, Berlin, as seen from the F10 ferry
Pfaueninsel in the Havel River, Berlin

It's one of Berlin's best sightseeing bargains, and even if the functional ferry can't quite be compared to a pleasure boat (there are no outside decks and you'll need to take your own snacks and drinks), it still provides a near-perfect budget excursion on the water.

Incidentally, Berlin also has 5 other public ferry lines, most serving the Treptow-Köpenick area. They're not as easy to reach as the F10 (and crossings are generally just a few minutes long), but the F23 plies an idyllic, 25-minute route from the Eastern end of Muggelsee lake to Kruggasse.

And for real curiosity-lovers, the F24 is Germany's only rowing boat ferry - a man-powered, 60-second jaunt from one side of a river inlet to another.

Further tips:

Once you've reached Kladow, visit the cafe in the historic waterside Gutshaus (once home to Bismarck's mother), or venture further afield to the Groß-Gleinicker See, one of Berlin's cleanest, clearest lakes.

F10 Ferry from Wannsee to Kladow - the Wannsee landing is a just a short, signposted walk from Wannsee S-Bahn station. An A-B ticket from central Berlin can be used for both the train / bus journey to Wannsee, and the ferry trip itself.

Summer timetable: hourly service Mon-Fri from 6am-7pm; Sat 7am-7pm; Sun and public holidays 10am-6pm.

Winter timetable: Mon-Fri 6am-6pm; Sat &am-7pm; Sun and public holidays 10am-4pm.

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