Fischerpinte: an idyllic lakeside bar that time forgot

A beautiful boathouse and bar idyllically located right on the water's edge: Berlin, Plötzensee

There are certain Berlin secrets we're almost reluctant to divulge, and one of them is the lovely Fischerpinte, a wooden boathouse and bar that's idyllically located right on the edge of the Plötzensee lake.

The nostalgic old-style Fischerpinte bar and boathouse, Plötzensee, Berlin
Fischerpinte, a boathouse and bar magically located on the edge of Plötzensee lake

Looking as if it hasn't changed for decades (some might say it could do with a bit of a spruce up, but that's missing the point entirely), the sense of time warp is accentuated by a background music soundtrack of nostalgic '50s rock and roll, crooner classics or cheesy pop with absolutely no irony intended. The perfect accompaniment, in fact, to a lazy afternoon by the water.

Prices are decent, there's a small range of typical German snacks, and the no-nonsense yet cordial service is as Berlin old-school as the establishment itself.

A gorgeous slice of 'old' West Berlin: Fischerpinte lakeside bar and boat hire

Berlin boasts far more than its fair share of atmospheric waterside drinking spots, but few can match Fischerpinte's unpretentious charm and gorgeous setting. Prepare to be seduced by a little hut overlooking a lake.

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Fischerpinte boathouse and bar: Nordufer 13351, Berlin. (Edge of Plötzensee lake near intersection of Nordufer and Seestrasse).

Opening times: Mon-Sun, 10am-9pm

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