Wing bling: heavenly art at the Mexican Embassy

Wings of Mexico sculpture - interactive artwork outside the Mexican Embassy, Berlin

It's the ultimate photo-op - a giant pair of golden wings that allows you to appear momentarily angelic.

This wonderfully interactive sculpture by Mexican artist Jorge Marín (who you can see below, posing in front of his masterpiece), is installed outside Berlin's Mexican Embassy. Just mount the steps, look beatific and voilà  - you're converted into a celestial being.

Mexican artist Jorge Marín poses in front of his wings sculpture, Berlin
Unusual sights in Berlin: wings sculpture at the Mexican Embassy

Admittedly, it's not the only example of the work in existence - the first was unveiled several years ago in Mexico City itself, and further copies are planned for Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro.

Nevertheless, we think there's something particularly appropriate about the artwork's presence in Berlin; not least because two of the city's most iconic landmarks - the Brandenburg Gate and Siegessäule - feature the winged goddess of Victory (below).

Winged Victory on Berlin's Brandenburg Gate
'GoldElse' - the statue of winged Victory on Berlin's Siegessäule

Quite apart from this unusual sculpture, the Mexican Embassy is already a firm favourite among architectural connoisseurs. With its improbably angled facade, the elegant edifice is one of Berlin's most striking contemporary buildings.

Mexican Embassy building, Berlin, with detail of slanting pillars on facade

Image credit (left): sNMsyrgC, on Flickr

Two reasons to visit, then. And here's a tip: the sculpture is illuminated at night, so if you're looking for the best in atmospheric angel pics, a nocturnal photoshoot will leave you bathed in a golden glow. Get ready to take your Berlin holiday snaps to a heavenly new level.

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Mexican Embassy: Klingelhöferstraße 3, 10785 Berlin; 'Wings of Mexico' interactive sculpture: Klingelhöferstraße / corner Rauchstraße

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