A 'palazzo' in Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg architecture, Villa Groterjan

It's one of Prenzlauer Berg's loveliest architectural treasures - albeit one that many visitors miss.

Resembling a somewhat eclectic Renaissance palazzo, this richly ornamented edifice was constructed between 1905-1907 for the wealthy brewer Christian Groterjan.

Built on land formerly occupied by his malt beer production facility (which was moved to the district of Wedding in 1899, refurbished in 1929, and still exists, listed yet abandoned) the so-called Villa Groterjan was conceived as both a residential and entertainment complex.

Lavishly appointed inside and out, it boasted a grand restaurant, a ballroom, a bowling alley and a neighbouring beer garden complete with music pavilion.

Historic Jugendstil architecture, Prenzlauer Berg Berlin
Entrance to the historic villa Groterjan, Berlin

Damaged during WWII bombing, the site of the former beer garden is now little more than a haphazard parking space, but the main villa, which contained the restaurant and a luxurious apartment occupied by Groterjan himself, was later restored.

Today, its Jugendstil interiors again accommodate diners in what's currently an upmarket South American churrascaria.

If you visit, be sure to take a peek at the courtyard behind the restaurant's main entrance. This part of the building still awaits restoration, but hidden inside is a tantalising interior that few have entered for decades: the old ballroom, complete with painted ceiling and a balcony over the dance floor.

And yes - we really, really wish we could see it, too.

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Former Villa Groterjan: Milastra├če 2, 10437 Berlin, Germany

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