Heavenly views in Prenzlauer Berg

Views of Berlin from the Zionskirche clocktower, Prenzlauer Berg

Image credits: Christian Corona

It's Prenzlauer Berg's stairway to heaven - or at least, a chance to climb a church steeple for far-reaching views over Berlin.

On Sundays, the beautiful Zionskirche allows visitors to clamber up a winding staircase to the base of its clock-tower (you can't go right to the top, but that would be just too scary).

The Zionskirche, Prenzlauer Berg: on Sundays, you can climb its steeple for sweeping views of Berlin

Once you've ascended the old brick steps, you'll be treated to vistas of the city's prettiest neighbourhood and far beyond, with all of Berlin's best-known attractions visible from this vantage point high above the streets.

Entrance to the clocktower of the Zionskirche, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
The Zionskirche, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

As for the church itself, the neo-romantic Zionskirche (1872) is worth a visit any time.

Although the interior was badly damaged by WWII bombing - and at the end of the war by desperate Berliners scavenging for much-needed firewood - this lovely Prenzlauer Berg landmark remains one of Berlin's most impressive architectural highlights. Nice to know you can use it to see all the city's other highlights, too.

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Zionskirche church: Griebenowstra├če 16, 10119 Berlin tower open to visitors on Sundays from 12am to 5pm. 1 Euro entry fee.

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