Nnn-ice: 10 exotic ice cream flavours you totally have to try!

Berlin's most exciting and unusual ice cream flavours

As every Berliner knows, the city boasts some of the world's best ice cream parlours. Seriously.

And during the hot, humid summer months, nothing beats a scoop or three of delicious, cooling Eis.

But rather than recommend the best Eisdielen in town (there are too many great ones), we've prepared a lip-smacking round-up of the capital's most enticing ice cream creations: fabulously unusual flavours you simply have to try.

White chocolate with parmesan

Sounds amazing? It is. The folks at Eismanufaktur Berlin consistently concoct some of the best-rated ice cream in town, and luckily, there are six branches located throughout Berlin.

If the chocolate and cheese combo doesn't tempt, how about a helping of Strawberry Daiquiri or a cocoa sorbet?

Eismanufaktur Berlin: Simplon-/Gärtnerstraße 33a, Friedrichshain, Berlin

Berlin's best ice cream

Eismanufaktur Berlin: image credit:

Ice cream parlours in Berlin

Vanille & Marille: image credit:

Dried apricots with candied pine nuts and pepper / Chocolate with coffee and sherry

Mmm! These exceptional scoops of deliciousness are provided by Vanille & Marille, whose success has seen them open stores throughout Berlin. Easy to get to, then, when the ice cream cravings really kick in.

Vanille & Marille: Hagelberger Straße 1, Kreuzberg 10965 Berlin / Reichenberger Straße 118, Kreuzberg 10999 Berlin / Belziger Straße 24, Schöneberg 10823 Berlin / Leydenallee 92, Steglitz 12165 Berlin / Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße 22, Tempelhof 12103 Berlin

Gin, lemon and rosemary / Whisky & chocolate

Hard stuff with the soft stuff! Mos Eisley specialise in mixing genuine tipple with their ice cream assortment, providing yet another reason to indulge in a tub or two. And for the alcohol-abstinent, other tempting combos include Passionfruit & coconut or Apple cake.

Bar Zum Starken August, Berlin Berlin

Image credits: Mos Eisley, image by Ashley Ludaescher

Gelateria Mos Eisley: Herrfurthplatz 6, Neukölln 12049 Berlin

Purple yam and coconut cream (Ube) / Pandan

Die Eismacher is famous for its vibrantly purple 'Ube' icecream, a yammy, coconutty concoction which tastes just as good as it looks (no artificial colouring, by the way).

The exotic ingredients don't stop there: Pandan - popular in the Philippines - is another flavour unique to the store.

Die Eismacher: Körtestraße 10, Kreuzberg 10967 Berlin

Ube flavour ice cream, Berlin

Eismacher Berlin: image credit:

Berlin's most unusual ice cream flavours

Eisbox: image credit:

Apple and celery / Hibiscus / Olive oil

Many of the specials at Eisbox are truly unusual: savoury staples given a delicious twist. Always on offer, too, is an ice cream made with tonka, the South American bean with a flavour reminiscent of coconut, cinammon and aromatic woodruff.

Eisbox: Elberfelder Straße 27, Moabit 10555 Berlin / Knesebeckstraße 20/21, Charlottenburg 10623 Berlin

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