When you wish upon a tree...

A message hangs from Berlin's Wish Tree or Wunschbaum....

Jot down a wish, hang it from a very special tree, and wait for your heart's desire(s) to come true.

That, at least, is the theory behind a 'wish tree' or 'Wunschbaum', and Berlin's very own example in the Volkspark Friedrichshain attracts a steady stream of hopefuls ready to share their innermost yearnings with the world.

What Berliners wish for: messages tied to the branches of Berlin's wishing tree, or Wunschbaum

The array of wishes makes for rather charming reading, ranging from an improbable plea for a magically self-renewing travel pass, to a child's scrawled note requesting a first mobile phone.

A tree of wishes in a Berlin park

This being Berlin, you'll also find a refreshingly high quota of selfless social crusading, such as a wish that every city roof receive its own solar panel, or a generous desire for healthy, organic food for all.

Admittedly, this quirky addition to one of the city's best-loved parks isn't the most weather-resistant attraction, and wintry rain and snow tend to leave the notes looking a little soggy.

But as warmer days approach and buds start to sprout, so, too, should a new crop of wishtree messages. Visit to add one of your own - even if it doesn't help your dreams come true, someone will certainly enjoy reading it.

Where to find Berlin's wish tree...
Berlin's wishing tree or Wunschbaum in Friedrischhain Park

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Wishtree / Wunschbaum: Volkspark Friedrichshain, 10407 Berlin.
Follow the pathway that leads around the park's 'barbecueing field' (Grillwiese) and you'll find the wishtree at the eastern end, just next to a lamppost. See images above for approximate location!

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