Berlin's most beautiful corner store

Spätkauf in Choriner Strasse, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

If all grocery stores were this enchanting, we'd probably be popping out for extra provisions far more often than we actually needed to.

The tiny 'Spätkauf' - or late-night store - in Prenzlauer Berg's Choriner Strasse oozes old-fashioned charm, its rickety wooden shelves, coalburning stove and vintage posters all adding up to a setting that the years seem to have completely forgotten. (In fact, if it weren't for the modern products squeezed into every conceivable space, you'd swear you'd somehow stumbled into a Berlin time-warp).

The old-fashioned interior of Berlin's Choriner Strasse grocery store

Outside, the creeper-clad walls still show traces of crumbling, ancient signage from a former incarnation as a butcher's... this little place really has been serving locals for a very long time.

Choriner Strasse 12, Berlin - the city's loveliest Spätkauf late-night store
Groceries, a cafe and holiday rooms - Berlin's prettiest corner store

But it's not just a destination for grocery supplies. Like most of the city's 'Spätis', it doubles as a cafe and bar, and at night the candle-lit interior is especially magical (although there's only enough space for a few tiny tables).

What's more, if you'd like to spend even more time getting to know Berlin's cutest corner store, it offers a couple of simple but cosy guest rooms. The perfect tip for anyone shopping around for a completely unique place to stay.

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Spätkauf store, cafe and holiday lets: Choriner Straße 12, 10119 Berlin

Opening times: daily until midnight

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