Freshly baked buns - Japanese style

Freshly baked Japanese buns or 'pan' at Berlin's first Japanese bakery

A Japanese bakery in Berlin? That's right. Kame is the capital's first purveyor of fresh-baked 'pan'; soft bread rolls stuffed with all sorts of deliciousness.

Typical fillings include curry, red bean paste or fig creme. Other baked good(ie)s range from pastry cornets to gorgeously green matcha cheesecake. On offer, too, are tempting savoury snacks such as onigirazu - a kind of sushi-like sandwich that's currently one of Japan's biggest food fads.

Kame, Berlin. A Japanese bakery and cafe
Melon pan are among the goodies available at Berlin's Japanese bakery, Kame

Wash it all down with a capuccino, matcha latte or one of the wide selection of Japanese teas. And if you're still not quite getting that oriental vibe, the light, airy cafe includes a traditional tatami corner where you can perch cross-legged as you nibble.

Arigato, Kame - we'll be back soon.


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Kame Japanese bakery and cafe: ┬áLeibnizstra├če 45, 10629 Berlin. Daily, 9am-6pm

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